Assay, upright a test

Assay, upright a test

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World solar challenge competitors pass halfway mark

Solar power's future isn't so much a matter of "if" as "when" the sun will go through its solar cycle. And a new estimate estimates that it won't come until 2040.

In a study published in Science Advances, researchers from Columbia University and the University of California at Los Angeles found that the cost to reach solar power's highest potential, on the order of $1 trillion, had reached the $4 trillion mark.

Achieving solar power's full potential won't be without challenges.

"By 2040, we predict, solar power's cost will be roughly 50 percent higher than it currently is," says Robert Kennedy, an assistant professor of energy production and energy efficiency at Columbia.

Kennedy notes that the costs of making solar panels and converting electricity to fuel use more energy than the energy that comes out of the sun, which results in less of it being used for electricity production. As a result, the price of solar power has doubled in the past decade.

Kennedy's team, along with researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, estimated that solar power will achieve a total cost of roughly $5 trillion by 2040. (That means the value of U.S. energy demand over the next 40 years would drop from about 7 percent of all global energy consumption to under 10 percent.)

Kennedy says it will take three decades for solar power's energy-based prices to drop dramatically. But it's not just cost that the market is dealing with. There's also some concern over the use of the wind — in particular in California and parts of the U.S. Southwest — for renewable power.

Kennedy's team calculated that for the U.S., California's wind capacity alone would be equivalent to 15 percent of all wind production in the world, compared to just 0.4 percent in the U.K., and just 0.6 percent in Germany. They found that in order to produce enough electricity from this wind power to offset the wind's effect, California and its neighbors could either require more wind or switch to a different form of energy source — like natural gas — depending on local demand.

But Kennedy says there is hope. "Solar photovoltaic technologies and the electric grid are poised to achieve breakthroughs in many areas in the next decade," he says. "Solar power could be an important part of the solution for low-carbon energy solutions of today and in the future."

As for the future cost of solar, Kennedy isn't ruling out a cost that is as high as that of power plants burning coal. But he does agree with the need to maintain that energy source's value.

England holding all the cards in third test and it took them some convincing on the final day. However, they did beat the Wales at the Cardiff area and will have their eyes on second test where England look to secure qualification, with only three matches remaining.

England have been consistent over the winter after losing their top-order batsmen and the form has paid off in the last few weeks. They have won their last four ODIs and now have the chance to turn things around in the second Test at Lord's.

The final match of the tour to Sri Lanka will be decided by two fast bowlers. England may also get their third successive 100-plus wicket haul from Adam Lyth, though the Lions are still capable of bowling at pace. Lyth has been a stand-out in the series against Wales where he has kept the visitors under tight wraps. He averaged 27.52 and took 5.11 runs off the pitch.

But it is England, like Wales, who are more experienced. The Lions are missing three of their top spinners but they have a stable of eight bowlers to beat them. They are led by the captain, Alastair Cook, and the other all-rounder will have to be one of the best batsmen in the world to carry them.

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